25th Founding Anniversary Celebration

The 25th Founding Anniversary celebration was a heart-warming event! Alumnae, former faculty and friends of BCPD came to grace the occasion. It was a moment to rekindle old friendships and recall pleasant memories while in school.

The highlight of the evening was the awarding of the SERVICE AWARDS and PLAQUES OF APPRECIATION to the Faculty and FPTI ManCom respectively. Below are the awardees and some snapshots from the event.

Service Awardees:

Mary Cathrine C. Gallardo

Eljie Rose Leyson-Piosca

Lissa F. Uytengsu

Ma. Carmen L. Reyes

Fidelis “Delsey” K. Borja

Lurlein Rodriguez

Theresa F. Gallardo

Mary Anne L. Ruiz

Leah Wenceslao- Pancho

Elizabeth M. Lopez

Wilhelmina Cabellon

Rabbi A. Morata

Julia Rica G. Ouano

Maria Theresa M. Maturan

Marianne Y. Gonzales

Catherine M. Cheung

Mercedes G. Corazo

Certificate of Appreciation Awardees:

Judy Rosario G. Cam

Milagros S. Araneta

Ophelia P. Mascardo

Evangeline A. Urgello

Michelle Maranga-Cuerquis

Mass held at BCPD in celebration of the 25th Founding Anniversary

Michelle Maranga-Cuerquis shared testimony as BCPD alumna

Alumnae, Faculty, Management and Staff gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of BCPD.
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