Alumna Success Story: Charie Carmel Ferolin Manuel

Charie is a graduate of BCPD in 2007. She already had a passion in culinary arts but her parents could not afford sending her to culinary schools. They are eight in the family and her father was the sole provider. Her mother heard about BCPD and with no hesitation, Charie took the exam, which she passed, qualified for interview and got accepted. She did her On-the-Job Training in Big Foot Cafe in her first year and in Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in her second year.

A week after her graduation, she started working in her first job at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in 2007. Her career path led her to prestigious five-star hotels in the country.

She also received recognition in different Culinary Competitions: a Bronze Awardee for joining the Cebu Goes Culinary in the "Show Plate Challenge" category in 2004 and a Highest Silver Awardee during The Philippine Culinary Cup in 2016.

"I am really grateful to BCPD because they did not only mold me to be competitive in my profession but also made me a better person. Even if I am away from home and it's been years since I graduated, my teachers and I still exchange messages from time to time. I feel like I am part of the family and not just a student." Charie shared.

Charie proceeded to finish a Bachelor's Degree to widen her knowledge and graduated last March 2018 at Philippine Women's University. She got married to a Chef whom she worked with in Shangri-La and they are currently living in Australia.

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